As a retail customer, can I purchase products directly through you at your factory on Greenlawn Avenue?

As much as we would love to sell to you directly, we are not yet equipped to do so. That is why we built the Store Locator so that fans of our products can easily find a nearby location.

Does a certain retailer not carry the product you want? Just ask the meat manager to special order the item for you. We will be glad to get it to them so they can get it to you!

I run a restaurant, grocery store, etc. in Columbus. If I start an account, what days can I get a delivery?

We can deliver to your establishment Monday-Friday. It’s about what works best for you! Contact us to find out more.

How far in advance do I need to place my delivery order?

For in-stock items, a day ahead is plenty of time. Our sales associates answer phones until 4:00 pm Monday through Friday. We also have a recorder if you don’t get your order in by 4 PM. Some items do require some extra lead time. Just ask for details!

On your website it says that you carry several hundred items, but I only see pictures of a fraction of those on the site. How can I see everything that you actually carry?

This website is going to be a constant work in progress and over time we will have our full catalog displayed. In the meantime, please contact our sales team for more information!

I see a lot of your brand name items displayed on the site. Do you also carry fresh pork and beef?

Yes, we carry a full line of fresh pork and beef cuts that are available by the package or by the box. This includes pork items like Boston butt, spare ribs, loins, fresh side, hams, and whole hogs. Our beef selection is just as extensive. Please contact us for more information!

What about fresh chicken, turkey, lamb, or veal?

We can get you most of these items with a 1-3 day order lead time. Contact us for more info.

Okay, so your company and products have been around for more than a century. Why am I just now hearing about you?

This is a somewhat complicated question, but here goes nothing! The past few decades have seen the meat market change drastically. There was a lot of consolidation among meat packers and meat producers leading to some really huge companies shaking up the market and changing the dynamics for smaller companies like ours. It took some time to adapt, but now that the fifth generation of Falters are incorporating some of their ideas into the business model, you should start to hear more and more about us!